Aluminium Nameplates

Aluminium nameplates are around every corner, in every car and on every building. We are leaders in our field. Our aluminium nameplates are anodised in house and are both scratch and solvent resistant. Anodised aluminium nameplates are widely used for VIN plates, ID plates, asset plates, HIN plates, bar codes plates, serial compliance plates, danger & safety signs, rating plates and face plates. Our anodised aluminium nameplates can be printed, etched and engraved. Our anodised nameplates are proudly manufactured in house from our Brisbane based factory. Our aluminium nameplates are not only printed onsite but are also finished on site. Square corners, backing, peel tape, laser cut, round corners holes the list goes on… Looking for a high quality product and a fast turnaround? Contact our sales team today to discuss your nameplate needs!

  • gauges from .003mm to 6mm thick
  • aluminium foil
  • anodised in various colours and finishes
  • can be photo etched
  • etched ? line and background
  • bar codes
  • numbered (consecutively)
  • engraved
  • routed or die cut to shape
  • holes & cornered
  • adhesive backings available
  • doming / lense capped / epoxied